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Mission to Mars - UCL is a scientific project lead by University catholique de Louvain students, which consists in a simulation of the exploration of Mars. In order to reproduce at best the Martian living conditions, we will be sent in a station located in the Utah Desert in the USA. The base, called MDRS for Mars Desert Research Station, was built by the Mars Society in order to promote the exploration of Mars. During our simulation mission, we will carry out different scientific experiments related to the exploration of Mars. They will be done in Martian conditions: we will wear spacesuits and we will be allowed to leave the base only for limited periods of time. If you wish to learn more about our projects, click here. Our daily life in the base will be a challenge as well: we fill have to face restrictions such as limited water supply, restricted communications and obviously very little space. Of course we will receive support from the Mars Society researchers during our stay in the base.

About MDRS

"In order to help develop key knowledge needed to prepare for human Mars exploration, and to inspire the public by making sensuous the vision of human exploration of Mars, the Mars Society has initiated the Mars Analog Research Station (MARS) project. A global program of Mars exploration operations research, the MARS project will include four Mars base­like habitats located in deserts in the Canadian Arctic, the American southwest, the Australian outback, and Iceland. In these Mars­like environments, we will launch an extensive program of long­duration geology and biology field exploration operations conducted in the same style and under many of the same constraints as they would on the Red Planet. By doing so, we will start the process of learning how to explore on Mars." You want to learn more about the MDRS? You will find additional information on the Mars Society's website: